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Civil Engineering

Creative concepts and technical solutions

Known for delivering creative civil engineering design solutions that are simple and efficient, we work closely with our clients to assess their project needs and translate those into workable designs and systems.

We’re experienced project managers and will analyse the processes that are in place and identify the areas that could be improved. Leave it to R2 Consulting to identify issues before they become critical, and to come up with a creative solution.

We create innovative civil designs that help your stakeholders visualise the solution. This results in faster buy-in, and a quicker realisation of your project.

Three Waters design

R2 Consulting is your partner for advice and design to help you equip your site with infrastructure to manage wastewater, stormwater drainage and drinking water. Talk to us about dams and levees, or roof water, surface water, and floodwater. Drainage is our game.

We’re experienced in the application of best practice asset management principles and have developed models that help predict deterioration of wastewater and stormwater pipes. Whether it’s stormwater or wastewater, we’ll design a solution to ensure it all goes where it’s supposed to. Without the need for a snorkel.

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