Community Project Delivery

Project delivery and business support  

How do you build an organisation that’s capable of delivering on strategy while thriving in a complex environment?  It’s strategic alignment and robust processes that make a project successful. From strategic planning and developing the goals and objectives through to sound execution and delivery, R2 Consulting’s approach to Community Project Delivery and Project Management is the glue.

We believe there’s no such thing as half ‘do’ communicating. You either commit 100% or you don’t, being somewhere in the middle doesn’t work. That’s why when working with R2 consulting, communication and follow up is everything. Our communication style is open and transparent, and relationships are key.

All parties are involved in the planning and decision-making at every stage of the project. Time will be effectively managed, which is especially important in this new era of virtual working and dispersed teams. We’re passionate about bringing people together, and proactive with the knowledge that comes out of it. 

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